The theme of this year's Composition Competition was "FANTASY" and  some lovely tunes revealed a range of creative talents. Prizes and certificates were awarded for each year group. WELL DONE TO ALL WHO TOOK PART.

 The winners were:

Y3 Joint winners: Jack W(Rodborough) and Irwin (Chalford Hill). Runners -up: Charlie (Eastcombe),                       Jack D (Rodborough)

Y4 chords: Issy (Rodborough),                               Runner-Up: Jake (Beaudesert)                                        

Y4 numbers, Joint winners: Oscar (Rodborough) and Abigail (Eastcombe) Runners -up: Lucia (Beaudesert), Alfie(Amberley), Quitterie (Beaudesert), Lily-Mae (Rodborough)

Y5 Winner Eliza (Christ Church)  Runners -up: Emi (Beaudesert), Ben (Chalford Hill), Charlie (Eastcombe)

Y6 Chords: Winner: Olivia (Amberley) Runner-up Leon (Rodborough)  

Y6 tabs:Winners: Ioan (Eastcombe), Keira (Bisley)  Runners -up: Freya (Amberley), Connor (Christ Church), Ben (Bisley)